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Updated: Jun 10

Hola! I created Henergy to solve my problem of caregiver burnout and help my mother struggle with her energy due to COPD. As a caregiver, I learned that energy is everything! Energy is the source of all existence. Energy has no bias, no gender, no ideology & no prejudice. Living an energy lifestyle provides the purity that empowers you to live your best with yourself and with others. And that's why I started Henergy first for caregivers and now for all of us given what we have gone through during the pandemic.

Enjoy the Henergy Daily Vibe book and daily videos on social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, YouTube) to boost your day because everything is possible when you plant & protect your energy. Enjoy 1000+ energy tips on this site for aesthetics, diet, feng shui, longevity, mental health & wellness and shop tops & totes in energy colors.

The symbol of Henergy is a hand and a sapling. The sapling is your symbol to plant high positive energy to start your day & plant low positive energy to end your day. The hand is your symbol to protect your energy during the day. The 5 elements of Henergy to plant & protect are your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & sensual energy:

Physical energy: Plant your fuel to protect your function for endurance.

Sources: Bloodflow & breathing. Movement & muscles. Smoothies & soups.

Mental energy: Plant your filters to protect your focus for performance.

Sources: Pick 1-3 things to do well daily. Run sprints to rid distractions. Declutter life with headstands.

Emotional energy: Plant your firewall to protect your feelings for resilience.

Sources: Adapt to new environments. Bounce forward from setbacks. Cut the cords of toxic situations.

Spiritual energy: Plant your force to protect your faith for perseverance.

Sources: Family & friends. Nature & outdoors. Prayer & meditation.

Sensual energy: Plant your freshness to protect your five senses for vibrance.

Sources: Bath & massage. Flowers & plants. Sing & whistle.

The elements of Henergy ascend from Feng Shui elements of nature:

Physical energy ascends from Fire (Sun).

Mental energy ascends form Metal (Minerals).

Emotional energy ascends from Earth.

Spiritual energy ascends from Water.

Sensual energy ascends from Wood (Trees).

Henergy is dedicated to my Hungarian father & Mexican mother in Heaven and all caregivers & elderly who struggle with their energy. Love your energy! Stephen

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