Updated: May 6

Henergy boosts your day in a unique way because everything is possible when you plant & protect your energy. By energist, triathlete & DJ Henergy in Toronto. Enjoy 1000+ energy tips, tops & totes in 10+ positive energy colors and 10+ hours of energy beats.

May 1, 2022 Blend success with sensitivity to give yourself balance

May 2, 2022 Work in your community to help a cause you care for

May 3, 2022 You have all in your grasp that you need to achieve your goals

May 4, 2022 Create momentum to manifest your personal fulfillment

May 5, 2022 Begin a venture that will prove to be fruitful for you in the future

May 6, 2022 Trust & companionship will lead to sensual & spiritual rewards

May 7, 2022 Work cohesively to take over control of what is going on in your life

May 8, 2022 Success can be yours if you use your abilities wisely

May 9, 2022 You are the only one qualified to fulfill your role in life

May 10, 2022 Breaking new ground will bring new opportunities for you to grow

May 11, 2022 Take affirmative action to clear away feelings of discouragement

May 12, 2022 Consciousness creates miracles to happen in your life

May 13, 2022 The Universe is working things out for your highest good

May 14, 2022 Step forward boldly to live & serve your soul mission

May 15, 2022 Expectations will come to fruition in the most unexpected ways

May 16, 2022 When you expect the best the best is what you get

May 17, 2022 Visualize your quest and set your course to travel there

May 18, 2022 What you do not already know you know you can learn

May 19, 2022 Call for help when feeling the need for direction

May 20, 2022 Building strong foundations ensures future stability

May 21, 2022 Put your ideas into action to gain satisfaction

May 22, 2022 Something new is on the horizon that you cannot see yet

May 23, 2022 Look to simple ways to enhance your surroundings

May 24, 2022 Keep striving ahead and do not take No for an answer

May 25, 2022 Keep a clear & open connection to who you truly are

May 26, 2022 Stay positive as negativity blocks your progress

May 27, 2022 Allow your spiritual gifts to flourish through study

May 28, 2022 Accept offers for help to make you feel confident of your standing

May 29, 2022 When you take care of yourself everybody benefits

May 30, 2022 A happy move is coming that will usher in new light energy

May 31, 2022 Spend time to connect with the free gifts of nature

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Updated: Apr 19

Our high energy vibe for April is Peace.

Enjoy high energy daily vibes by Henergy to boost your day.

April 1, 2022 Prayer will shepherd your spirituality to flow to the fore

April 2, 2022 If you lose something in your life something better can replace it

April 3, 2022 Our thoughts create our experiences and we create our own realities

April 4, 2022 It is time to let go of a situation that has now ran its course

April 5, 2022 Trust the intuitive messages you receive and take action

April 6, 2022 You are ready for an upgrade in your life because you deserve it

April 7, 2022 Let go of the old with love & gratitude for its service

April 8, 2022 New passions will appear that open doors to new beginnings

April 9, 2022 Step up to work for the benefit of humanity and our habitat

April 10, 2022 When you walk your talk and talk your walk you triumph

April 11, 2022 Step out of your comfort zone in the direction of your dreams

April 12, 2022 Make time to tell family members how much you love them

April 13, 2022 All falls into place for you when you follow your faith

April 14, 2022 Be grateful for what you wish for and you just might get it

April 15, 2022 Ask for guidance to gain clarity of changes you are contemplating

April 16, 2022 Enhance your home to fill it with positive energy

April 17, 2022 Let yourself shine by inviting illumination into your life

April 18, 2022 Listen to your higher self as this is where you will find your answers

April 19, 2022 Recognize & acknowledge the urgings & yearnings of your soul

April 20, 2022 Engage yourself in creative endeavors & activities

April 21, 2022 An energetic gateway is opening to bring your thoughts into reality

April 22, 2022 Do not be hindered by old habits that need to be changed

April 23, 2022 The Universe is always with you guiding your journey

April 24, 2022 What you put your efforts towards will reap rewards in the future

April 25, 2022 Use determination when making decisions with no regrets

April 26, 2022 Your mindset will manifest a steady flow of abundance

April 27, 2022 When you expect great things that is when great things happen

April 28, 2022 Create your own version of success to reap prosperity within

April 29, 2022 Help yourself & others lead happier & healthier lives

April 30, 2022 Have faith that outcomes will be favorable to you

Henergy is an energy lifestyle for everyone because everything is possible when you love your energy. Enjoy 1000+ tips, tops in 10+ energy colors, 10+ hours of energy beats & new book Positive Energy Today by me energist, triathlete & DJ Stephen Henrik in Toronto.

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Updated: Apr 7

Our high energy vibe for March is Hope.

Enjoy high energy daily vibes by Henergy to boost your day.

March 1, 2022 Accept the benevolence of the Universe and expect blessings

March 2, 2022 New beginnings are taking place to advance you along your path

March 3, 2022 When you are accepting & generous miracles will happen

March 4, 2022 You can ask for forgiveness whenever you wish

March 5, 2022 See yourself in a higher light to boost your self-belief

March 6, 2022 Add a welcome addition to your life to cherish

March 7, 2022 Enjoy the companionship of those close to you

March 8, 2022 Applaud your progress and apply yourself to keep it up

March 9, 2022 Self-management leads to satisfaction & success

March 10, 2022 Detach yourself from obsessions that possess you

March 11, 2022 You are in alignment with your true path & purpose

March 12, 2022 Gratitude will lead to the manifestation of your heart’s desires

March 13, 2022 Balance within yourself reflects outwards to others

March 14, 2022 Express optimism & enthusiasm to find peace & clarity

March 15, 2022 When you connect with the Universe you receive congratulations

March 16, 2022 Follow your own lead and do not let others sway you

March 17, 2022 Integrate spirituality into your day to enlighten your way

March 18, 2022 Good judgement leads to just rewards in your life

March 19, 2022 As you increase your spiritual prosperity use your wisdom wisely

March 20, 2022 Make room to allow what is new to enhance your life

March 21, 2022 Live your life with generosity to make the most of your gifts

March 22, 2022 Switch gears if the direction of life is not flowing the way you like

March 23, 2022 Trust that the results you desire will manifest in your life

March 24, 2022 Put your personal attributes & talents to good use

March 25, 2022 Your discipline & hard work will be recognized & acknowledged

March 26, 2022 Put a positive attitude to new challenges to find fulfillment

March 27, 2022 Adjust your mindset before you part with a possession

March 28, 2022 Your emotional enlightenment is anticipated & encouraged

March 29, 2022 It is your responsibility to put proper effort to reach your full potential

March 30, 2022 Things will begin to flow with more ease & fluidity in your life

March 31, 2022 Shine your light each & every day in each & every way

Henergy is an energy lifestyle for everyone because everything is possible when you love your energy. Enjoy 1000+ tips, tops in 10+ energy colors, 10+ hours of energy beats & new book Positive Energy Today by me energist, triathlete & DJ Stephen Henrik in Toronto.

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