Positive Energy Today: September

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

September. Victory. Find your victories.

September 30. You create your own good fortune with a good attitude.

September 29. Open your subconscious mind to enhance your psychic abilities.

September 28. You can bring more happiness to the world by being joyful.

September 27. Look to ways to bring more of your true self to the fore.

September 26. Necessary endings will lead you to find your true life path.

September 25. Remain centered in your faith and trust its abundance in your life.

September 24. Broaden your horizons in ways that excite & energize you.

September 23. Rejuvenate & reconnect with yourself & those close to you.

September 22. Being grateful for the blessings you have will gain more blessings.

September 21. Connect with your inner self to find new solutions to old problems.

September 20. Positive affirmations daily will turn your life in new directions.

September 19. Go out of your way to settle any disputes or misunderstandings.

September 18. It is your birthright to share in the abundance of the Universe.

September 17. Pay attention to your feelings to expand your self awareness.

September 16. Shine your light brightly to illuminate the way for others.

September 15. The more you have, the more you have to share.

September 14. Life runs better when you trust your intuition and act upon it.

September 13. Experiences are present in your life as tests for you to pass.

September 12. Making changes can seem challenging but they are necessary.

September 11. An attitude of gratitude attracts more to be grateful for in your life.

September 10. A move is in the works and this movement will usher new energy.

September 9. Maintain balance & equilibrium through your transitions.

September 8. Love yourself unconditionally for who you are.

September 7. Unexpected good is on its way from unexpected sources.

September 6. Finish off anything left undone to fly above trivialities.

September 5. Exert your personal will in the direction of your passions.

September 4. Reach out to all living things with love & light.

September 3. Use your uniqueness to enlighten & uplift others.

September 2. Your curiosity is a roadmap to understand the path of your soul.

September 1. Give yourself permission to be all you can be.

Hola I'm energy coach Henergy in Toronto. I tap today's energy to provide a path of possibility because everything is possible when you have energy.

Henergy is an energy lifestyle for everyone because everything is possible when you plant & protect your energy. Learn to love your energy with Positive Energy Today for vibes, 1000+ coaching tips for feng shui, longevity & wellness and clothing in 10+ energy colors for life.

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