Positive Energy Today: November

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Gratitude. Give yourself gratitude.

November 30. Move forward with new realizations about what you are capable of.

November 29. Positive Energy Day. Have faith in humanity and the future of our world.

November 28. When you access your intuition you gain control of your life.

November 27. Your future looks bright so get on with living your life with enthusiasm.

November 26. Be open to receiving well deserved blessings, love & support.

November 25. Bring inspiration to finish a project you have been procrastinating over.

November 24. Enhance your life by giving your living environment a makeover.

November 23. Listen to your gut & keep it healthy to give you guidance.

November 22. Repel vibrations that attract suspicious circumstances into your life.

November 21. Learn to enjoy life’s changes to enjoy life itself more.

November 20. You have earned the right to expect positive results.

November 19. Change your reality through new experiences.

November 18. Trust the processes of the universe and align with its energy.

November 17. Plant ideas like seeds so they can grow into your reality.

November 16. Do something creative to feel free & see the world in new ways.

November 15. Send beams of loving energy towards those who need it most.

November 14. Stand in your own strengths to allow your true power to shine.

November 13. Allow your past experiences to make you a better person.

November 12. Declutter your life from what is no longer positively serving you.

November 11. Self acceptance & self approval are the keys to positive changes.

November 10. Put proper planning into your next steps before stepping forward.

November 9. Surround yourself by positive energies to project your highest self.

November 8. Challenge yourself to have the courage to be your true self.

November 7. The vibrations you project outward are reflected back to you.

November 6. Create time for rest & relaxation to bring clarity & peace of mind.

November 5. Before you pursue your dreams you must release your burdens.

November 4. Stretch what you are capable of in compassion & kindness.

November 3. Highlight your uniqueness to own who you are.

November 2. Use imagination & intellect to create your desired results.

November 1. What happens is not apparent until appreciated with hindsight.

Hola I'm energy coach Henergy in Toronto. I tap today's energy to provide a path of possibility because everything is possible when you have energy.

Henergy is an energy lifestyle for everyone because everything is possible when you plant & protect your energy. Learn to love your energy with Positive Energy Today for vibes, 1000+ coaching tips for feng shui, longevity & wellness and clothing in 10+ energy colors for life.

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