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Henergy Daily Vibe: August

Henergy boosts your day in a unique way because everything is possible when you plant & protect your energy. By energist, triathlete & DJ Henergy in Toronto. Enjoy 1000+ energy tips, tops & totes in 10+ positive energy colors and 10+ hours of energy beats.

August 1, 2022 If you view problems from a higher perspective you will find solutions

August 2, 2022 Live in the moment to open yourself to new ideas & opportunities

August 3, 2022 If things feel right they are and if they do not change direction

August 4, 2022 Allow yourself to sense the presence that you are not alone

August 5, 2022 Life works itself out in ways that you can never anticipate

August 6, 2022 Your effort & expectations determine your impact & results

August 7, 2022 Be of service to others while serving your own life purpose

August 8, 2022 Put your energy into the essentials and let go of the excess

August 9, 2022 Trust that you have what it takes to solve any situation

August 10, 2022 Nothing happens by chance and everything happens for a reason

August 11, 2022 Ease your own stress & distress with breath & movement

August 12, 2022 Replace your worries & fears with healing & transmutation

August 13, 2022 Make room for new positive experiences in your life

August 14, 2022 Be diplomatic with others to set an example for them

August 15, 2022 Step forward on your life path with confidence & grace

August 16, 2022 A door is about to close for you because another is about to open

August 17, 2022 What matters the most is what interests you the most

August 18, 2022 Use your natural talents to bring joy & happiness into your life

August 19, 2022 Focus on what you want rather than on what you do not want

August 20, 2022 Find your faith when in need and have faith in yourself

August 21, 2022 Send blessings to your environment to expect blessings in return

August 22, 2022 Try short term endeavors that manifest long term rewards

August 23, 2022 Your affirmations will be heard and will be responded to

August 24, 2022 Examine your decisions to see if they need changing

August 25, 2022 Pay attention to your dreams & daydreams

August 26, 2022 Do not fear what lacks in your life because more is on its way

August 27, 2022 Choose the path where you can do the most with confidence

August 28, 2022 Each time you do something new you learn & grow

August 29, 2022 High expectations clear the way for miracles to happen

August 30, 2022 Use your hands to shape each moment into something wonderful

August 31, 2022 Learn how to better use your natural abilities to appreciate them

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